Working at Kinsmith Finance is more than just having a job, it means being part of the Kinsmith Family. 

The “Kin” in Kinsmith is based on our commitment to treat our employees and customers as we would our own “kinfolk” or family. “Smith” denotes our ability to craft these relationships – like a Blacksmith that forges iron into useful tools. Therefore Kinsmith Finance is not simply a company name, but a business culture that began in 1944 and is still in every customer experience we provide today.

Kinsmith Company Values

At Kinsmith Finance we believe that we are S.P.E.C.I.A.L. and looking for other special people to join our team!

  • Sustainability – We believe in building sustainable business practices and relationships.
  • People Focused – We value lasting business relationships.
  • Empathy – We seek to understand others circumstances and offer mutually beneficial solutions.
  • Customer Service – We go out of our way to assist our co-workers and customers.
  • Integrity – We do what is right, even when it is hard.
  • Adaptivity – We learn from our successes and our mistakes.
  • Leadership – We support everyone’s development to achieve their own potential. 

Professional Growth with Kinsmith Finance

Kinsmith Finance has been offering traditional personal loans since 1944 with many convenient locations serving customers in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Our emphasis is on delivering high quality professional and personal service, ensuring satisfaction with each customer experience, and maintaining the highest level of integrity and trust in all that we do.

We continually seek customer service-oriented, positive, and motivated professionals to join our team. We understand that our past accomplishments and future achievements are directly connected to the individual successes of our people. We encourage team members to develop professional skills that can lead to advancement within the Kinsmith Organization or even to prepare them for their next adventure elsewhere! advance themselves within Kinsmith

Fall Season Loans at Kinsmith Finance!

Do you need clothes for the Fall season? Are you planning a vacation for Fall break? Kinsmith Finance can help. Offering Loans from $200 to $1,250. 

Kinsmith Finance Can Help With The Cash You Need To Have A Great Fall Season

Call for Cash

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Fairness in Lending Policy

Fair and responsible lending is a Kinsmith Finance value. It is our policy to treat you with professionalism, courtesy and fairness.

Fall Into Cash!

We can help you get ready for this Fall season. Kinsmith Finance offers loans from $200 to $1250.